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Direct Thermal Printable (DTP) Film

Direct Thermal Printable Films are BOPP films with a proprietary coating which enables image/impression formation on the film upon contact with the print head of the thermal printer. A protective layer is generally applied to protect the coated surface from mechanical abrasion, climatic factors, chemical products etc. The film thus offers good scuff & water resistance. The film also lends an excellent paper like matte finish and produces a dark image on printing while consuming limited energy during the printing process. It is used for a multitude of applications like information labelling (airport baggage tags), manufacturing to retail tracking, POS weight and price labelling, etc.

Available Types:


It is BOPP based, one side proprietary coated and other side corona treated film


  • Excellent resistance to handling
  • Excellent fade resistance, solvent and water resistance
  • Dark image quality
  • Paper look
  • Thermal printable


  • Airline baggage tags, Labels etc


It is BOPP based, Top coated direct thermal printable (DTP) film.


  • Direct thermal printable
  • Excellent rub resistance
  • Excellent resistance, to oil ,solvent and water
  • Dark image quality
  • Paper look


  • Airline baggage tags, labels etc.
  • Ready made hot food labels.
  • Industrial bar code applications.
  • Retail price marking.
  • Logistics labels.

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