6 Valuable Signs of Quality Lamination Film Manufacturing

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Lamination film is the high performance film that has low processing temperature and it comes from gloss, matte, satin, light blocker, less luster and textured imaging. This type of film is made of certain plastics that are used in combination.

Lamination is the process of combining two or more layers. This process is generally adopted by majority of the people to protect the print of their documents or the print of their products.

This film has variety of laminating films in different sizes and thickness viz. standard laminating film rolls, quality PRO film, thermal lamination films etc.

Quality laminated films have following signs:

  1. High Slip: Quality lamination film that has high slip features slick finish that allows laminated products to slide easily and stack on one above the other. Such high slip products are ideal for high speed automated lamination.
  2. Flat film: Good laminating films are flat and that do not curl up when laminating one or two sided films. Such types of films are ideal for one sided applications viz. covers, folders and documents. Also mapped and matched films are designed and are used together to architect perfectly flat two sided products like cards, menus etc.
  3. Food grade and resistance to chemicals: Lamination films are food gradable and comply with all the requirements of Federal food act. They do not harm the food when they come in contact with them and such food wrapped in quality laminated films are hygienic and are safe for human consumption. All the quality lamination films are good resistant to harsh chemicals and makes them hygienic and food gradable.
  4. Textured and excellent clarity: Quality films have fine texture because of which they have unique look and feel to the prints. Such textured films impart special finish that can be seen and felt and such textured films include the following semi gloss luster, non reflective matte and gloss. The films have excellent clarity such that they showcase all that is printed in clear manner.
  5. Finish: When fabricated correctly quality lamination enhances the appearance of the images that have been laminated making those images brighter and cleaner as they have perfect finish.
  6. Crack resistance: Also quality laminated films are resistant to cracks and other damages making it perfect for all sorts of packaging.

Laminated films are found in variety of type viz. Polypropylene, polyester and nylon. Among other tests that are tests that check the adhesion of laminated film that are tear test which is done to pulling the corner of the film away from the edge of the paper stock once cooled and next is crease test which is done simply folding the laminated sheet and testing the adhesive in the crease and the next one is crush test that is done by crumpling a laminated test sheet and then testing the adhesive in the same manner as the crush test. For more info Visits – Namo Packing Solution.