A Brief About Heat Sealable BOPP Film

Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene film, commonly known as BOPP Film has changed the ways of packaging in revolutionary manner. These heat sealable and pearlised films are meant for advanced packaging, labeling and decorative wrap-ups of different products. Their custom thinness and transparent coating have turned these films amongst the premium picked choices by the companies seeking advanced packaging solutions.

There is a wide collection of Heat Sealable BOPP Film available, which fits perfect in the varied requirements of users. There are films that seal on low temperature heat. Films that are sealable from single side with heat are also available. Companies seeking for finest lamination films for advanced packaging of their products get a gigantic collection to choose from.

Some of the handpicked categories of these heat sealable lamination films include glossy films with high inability and high level stretchy power. Some of the usage examples of these films include packaging of teabag box, cigarette box, cassettes, CD bundle and many more. These films are thin but offer strong and sustainable packaging to the product they are wrapped upon.

Some of the major features that distinguish these packaging & lamination films from others include transparency and clarity flexible & highly stretchable, strong dimensional steadiness, aureole treatment on either or both sides of the film and they are waterproof, assuring safety to the products packed in them.

To get premium and smart packaging solutions, it’s required for you to consult with a renowned manufacturer/supplier of quality BOPP films. Only experts with state of art manufacturing facilities can bring the best to you. NAMO PACKING is amongst the faithful companies, which bring you a wide series of custom designed quality packaging films.